Small Update

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Small Update

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To keep everyone in the loop, I'll be making a small post here to let everyone know what is up. The 6th port is still underway but is taking more time than normal. There is no real determined time I can give other than eventually. I know someone people may not like that time specified, but it's better than saying soon and it being much later.

Next thing being is we're using a Discord for now. This is more of a test drive to see how it handles and I'll go from there based on the way it does handle.

One final note being that in order to maintain the whitelist at a better pace, I'll be moving the list update to every Tuesday. Some may hate this, but due to the lack of an automated system, I have to do everything manually. At least having a set day means I'll be able to do things when needed as well as letting people who have applied know when they'll be approved/denied.

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