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A touching story, from SCP: Secret Laboratory

Posted: Mon Mar 12, 2018 11:31 pm
by Sylas
"One day, the Shadow Man simply wanted to leave. So he did. He found a Class-D person who wanted to leave. They became fast friends. Another Class-D showed up, and was rude. That Class-D died. Then a scientist showed up. The scientist shot the Shadow Man, but the Shadow Man knew mercy. The Class-D who befriended the Shadow Man then began to call him 'Bob'. Shadow Man liked this name."

 "And so, Bob helped his Class-D friend and the scientist get into heavy containment for free, but because Bob forgot how shit worked, got separated and ended up back-tracking twice before figuring it out. In that span of time, the Class-D found the intercom room, and asked over the loud speakers in the facility if anyone could let him know if they saw Bob. Eventually, Bob found his Class-D buddy, whom had joined up with NTF. His buddy, now better dressed and likely given a shower, said that Bob was good. Bob's buddy's teammates didn't believe him, so they shot Bob. Bob killed them. Then a group of Chaos Insurgents came in, and killed Bob's friend. Bob proceeded to start killing the Chaos Insurgents, for killing Bob's friend. Bob went on to be a private detective, because he could walk through doors and never be late to his office by way of teleporting."

Credit to Sharknet, the author.