My thoughs on the black hole known as SS13

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My thoughs on the black hole known as SS13

Post by AAIoddysey »

(This was reposted here just in case not many people get the message here.)

One thing that I've noticed about most servers is that the Rules are rigged in such a way in fact even the community is rigged in such a way to the point where they know that if you're new your gonna stuff up eventually. Every single admin that's been in the gig for a long time knows that a new player will get banned unintentionally somehow whether it's because your bored or upset because of the cancerous bloody community or right down to that stupid fucking BOINK. It has been SCIENTIFICALLY proven that certain sounds make people stressed like the of an alarm or even yes a- BWOOOOOINK - This user (AAIoddysey) has been banned from the server for giving out opinions and insulting the glorious admin leviathan gods and there glorious and wonderful rules. BWOOOOINK

oH DAMN... back from my little ban evading adventure OH AND ALSO... here is the ban evading youtube video my glorious admin leviathan gods... HIEL THE ADMINS... HIEL!

Anyways let's move away from the obnoxious black hole that Space Station Thirteen is and move away to a calmer and free planet... Rust! On immediate inspection, you'll notice the game is quite Chaotic trying to make friends in this game isn't an easy task even if you make friends they still might attack you and take all your loot you precious sweet sweet loot and then... BAM oh noes someone shot me and they're taking all my loot GET THE ADMIN LEVIATHAN GODS OF RUST TO CEASE AND BAN THESE TOXIC SHITLERS BAN THEM BECAUSE I SUCK AT THE GAME AND I'M ALSO A WINY LITTLE MAN CHILD BAN THEM ALL.. but wait a second, there's no admin help there's only a report button (Also by the way I've never played RUST so I don't know how there reporting system works, All I know is the game itself by looking at youtube Videos.) There no wiki well only one thing left to do contact Officer Google and ask him for the RUST ruleset (also here it is right here On closer inspection you notice that there are no rules against griefing there's only really Twelve rules in total so that means that I can grief by putting a bomb in someone's entrance and wait for them to open the door and immediately set it off killing them instantly then of course taking all there sweet sweet loot.

I don't even have to grief I can also grab up a few players that I trust and start up a little settlement with my own guards and they go around taking other player's and enslaving them or killing them and looting their bases. I might say more in a possible part two but that's about it if you don't know what I mean then this should explain it in more clarity ... _roleplay/


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Re: My thoughs on the black hole known as SS13

Post by AvaricePleonexia »

I understand that these words are probably going to fall on blind eyes, but, my own anecdotal case here; I'm incredibly new, relatively speaking (some players have been around for years) to the SS13 scene as a whole, having only been playing since the creation of my Ckey sometime in June of 2018. I completely, one hundred percent, incontrovertibly disagree with your assertion on the rules. The rules are incredibly easy to follow, and, it takes someone going out of their way to break them most of the time, not to mention, if you're really unsure if something is a rulebreak or not, ahelp it. Ignorance is hardly an excuse. Every, single, server you join asks that you read their rules first before playing. Ignorance shouldn't be an excuse.

The only thing I can say about the community is that it's a mixed bag. You've got your delightful shit stirrers, you're not so delightful shit stirrers, your saints, your demons and then you've got the ruling class above it all trying to mold this chaos into something resembling harmony. Ech, the two servers are a roleplaying and mechanics focused server. Main being more mechanically driven (at least, at this point in time it is), RP being just that, a higher standard of role play. While this'll certainly create divides in the community, some people just don't agree with how others play their roles, the last thing I'd call the community would be cancerous; unless you mean that in the sense it's growing past the point in which it should've died. Which, in this case, I don't believe that to be a bad thing c:

Furthermore, that little thing you're doing, evangelizing your own actions and implicating that the Admin staff are akin to Big Brother. Yeah. I don't see that sitting well with anyone. I believe you dug your own grave with the, "opinions," you so freely gave out to other players, as well as your comments on your beliefs about people with a certain mental disorder. At any rate, I'm glad you found a community you feel you can be a part of, that being the Rust community. I'm rather... nonplussed at how you're so infatuated with Rust as a whole, and the, "role play," of the game, despite having never played it.

Just, don't be surprised if you don't find the game enjoyable.

Still, I wish you the best.

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Re: My thoughs on the black hole known as SS13

Post by fattypenguin »

Lol, that guy is the biggest troll i've ever seen. Keep doing your unban appeals hombre.


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