Moderator Application Template

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Moderator Application Template

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Moderators will no longer be the first step of becoming an admin; instead they will be a separate, less intensive staff position for helping admins. If you would rather be an admin, fill out an Admin Application. If you would still prefer to be a moderator, this does not preclude you from being an admin in the future; you will just have to fill out a full admin application at a later date.

BYOND ckey:
Character name:
Discord username (+user id):
Reason for application:

BYOND ckey: leonleonardo
Character name:  Leonardo Lycheborne
Discord username (+user id): Leon#8365
Reason for application: This is an example.

Please answer the following questions to the best of your abilities:

1. How would you engage with two players having an out of character altercation?

2. What should an admin do if they're involved in a situation that needs admin intervention?

3. How should an admin determine in what way to punish someone who breaks the rules?

4. Under what conditions should an admin de-admin themselves while playing?

5. What is expected of an admin on Citadel?


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