[DeltaFire] - Maintainer Application

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[DeltaFire] - Maintainer Application

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Experience with Github:
About two years worth of active experience (github is DeltaFire15), primarily via looking at changes of ss13 repos and / or contributing to them, most of it over the course of this year (ss13-wise). I should be able to handle most of the things related to it though, those being handling merge-conflicts, screaming at travis, merging stuff, and simillar things, though it'd be nice to show me the specific things maintainers have access to when / if the time comes as I haven't exactly worked too much on actually managing repositories owned by myself (just some forks mainly) and I'd like to avoid causing vectors for issues to appear.

Experience with BYOND:
A bit more than two years, though active dreammaker coding experience is probably quite a bit less (a bit more than a year of active coding, about 1.5 if me looking at code to understand it counts).

Experience with SS13:
Same amount of time, I only installed byond for ss13 originally.

Experience on Citadel?(Main/RP):
A ton of experience on main, less so on RP as I prefer tgcode over baycode (just personally). Eleven months or so of adminning on main by now.

Why do you feel like you'd make a good maintainer?:
I've been coding things in general (non-dm) for a preetty long time, aswell as eyeballed maintaining (when experienced enough) before, and feel that now I'm approaching 70 PRs on cit's github I am proficient enough with dreammaker to handle being a maintainer, aswell as have enough time for it (for now), though I'll still avoid touching savedata- / customisation-related stuff too much as those seem pretty volatile at times and I haven't worked with them all that much.
Anyway, while dm still surprises me at times due its differences to other languages I mostly work with (curse you, array[1]), I do feel like I've gotten a pretty good grasp on most of them, though I still find stuff new to me every now and then.
Also, I like to think I have a okay view of balance due to spending quite a bunch of time on the server frequently and seeing the impact / state of changes, on main.
On RP I'd aim to stay away from balance changes due to not really playing there; although I'd still help out with non-balance related merges or simillar if needed / asked to.

To conclude, as of now kev (aka silicons) usually does most of the merge-work but is quite busy at times, and I think having an additional maintainer would be good to have. I may not be perfect, but I'd do my best maintaining the server's codebase / "balance" (true balance is impossible to achieve because of the extent of ss13, but having none's bad too) of the game, aswell as preventing issues from causing major problems, working together with the other maintainers aswell as helping out (aspiring) coders.

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Re: [DeltaFire] - Maintainer Application

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