[Buffalowing] Admin Application

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[Buffalowing] Admin Application

Post by buffalowing »

BYOND ckey: Buffalowing
Character name: Elodin Kimura, Kayleigh Echard, Nimu, AOLBot, among others.
Discord username (+user id): buffy#0001
How long have you played on Citadel?: Over two years.
How long have you played SS13?: Since 2012
What is your timezone/general hours of activity?: My timezone is EST and I'm usually around all day... Sometimes all night. It's a problem.

Previous SS13 related admin experience: I did extensive work for the SCP13 project, which made waves and was shut down due to poor hostmin management. The SCP13 posts on the SS13 subreddit highlight this pretty well, and anyone who knows me knows how I'm able to rant about certain leadership and their mismanagement for ages unless you stop me. Due to the constant 80 player greytide from highlight videos from SCP youtubers, I stepped in and performed gamemin duties. I wasn't going to have 'D BOIIIIIIIIIIS' types ruin a project I poured hours and hours into! Not only that, but I was an administrator here at Citadel! I mostly sat on RP, but I also stopped by main and pitched in. We had much fewer staff then.

Previous non-SS13 related admin experience: I managed many Garry's mod projects, notably Spire Roleplay which maintained almost a hundred concurrent players daily and whose content is still used as the base for many Fallout based Garry's Mod servers today. Another community I worked on, Lazarus, has had this same effect.

Current administrators who have agreed to support your application: At the moment Captain277, Redtail, and Avarice but I haven't asked very many people yet! I'll update this as I get confirmation.

Reason for application: I love Citadel! I've met some awesome people here. I contribute to Github, and usually make an effort to clear out all of the issues if they pile up. My last change made at the time of writing this was a fix to simple_mobs.

Please answer the following questions to the best of your abilities:

1. How would you engage with two players having an out of character altercation?
Depending on where they're having their spat, firstly. If it's in the OOC channel I would promptly tell them to take it to PMs/DMs on discord. I'd mediate their dispute briefly and try to help them to get over whatever it is causing the dispute. If they persisted, a temporary OOC mute works wonders to help people cool off. After all, spess mans is about having fun, and in our case, writing neat characters and setting them loose on each other. Not arguing over sprites or who said or did what. If the argument was happening in Discord - which never happens, right? - this is much easier to handle as they have a convenient direct messaging system in the app with which to solve their differences privately. We don't have to all like each other, but we cannot have flame wars happening in public channels.

2. What should an admin do if they're involved in a situation that needs admin intervention?
In a perfect world this wouldn't matter, but unfortunately bias exists! The most important thing in a situation like this is documenting everything. Citadel thrives because of the administrative transparency! If an administrator is involved in a situation that requires an administrator they should treat it as if they're a player. If nobody is available or in the admin IRC to assist, they should try to avoid taking any drastic measures especially until another admin can be presented their notes on the situation and brought up to speed by all parties and administer their unbiased judgement.

3. How should an admin determine in what way to punish someone who breaks the rules?
Administrators are responsible for enforcing the rules, but that doesn't mean jumping straight to 'ban he!'. I prefer the ask-tell-make system as it's usually the fairest course for any wayward souls. Within reason, the severity of punishment varies based on a few different factors including but not limited to player notes, player intent, and the rules that were broken. e.g. a first time offender will be treated differently than the guy who has been banned 5 times.

4. Under what conditions should an admin de-admin themselves while playing?
Typically if there's enough coverage, and you're playing a critical role in the round such as a head or antagonist. If there's not any other admins on, I could see relying on the ahelps being delivered to the IRC, but it's up to the discretion of the administrator. As I mentioned above, transparency is important, so the lone admin should call for someone to hop on in this instance. As for RP, this is less of an issue due to the more relaxed nature of the server vs main. That being said, RP may start taking up antagonist rounds! If that becomes the case, (at long last) the admin would be expected to de-admin if they're participating in the round as to avoid meta. It's really easy to see something in alog that can change your decision making process... and that's no good. De-admin. :heart:

5. What is expected of an admin on Citadel?
Admins are expected to be polite, and most importantly patient! There are sometimes complex issues that need to be handled delicately, and there is no room to skip over checking logs and gathering all the facts before pointing the bwoink at someone. We're all here to have a good time, and that means putting in the work to make sure you're not about to ruin someone's experience unintentionally. On that same note, admins are expected to prevent player's experiences being ruined through diligent work weeding through logs and taking a bite out of rule breakers. By and large, having all the facts before making a decision is the most important thing I found as an administrator here before.

Thanks for reading<3

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Re: [Buffalowing] Admin Application

Post by Zeldazackman »

Aye it'd be nice to have you back in the fold to help out with things, as you do have previous experience and all that which is a bonus too

I'm tossing my 1+ on this

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Re: [Buffalowing] Admin Application

Post by Redtail »

You did well enough while you were here. It's just, you kind of vanished near wordlessly. So, tentatively I give my endorsement. But...ghosting us isn't ideal. +1

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Re: [Buffalowing] Admin Application

Post by Zellular »

From what I saw of you when you were on you were alright aye, +1
Buffy more like.. Buffet..


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