[VailTheWolf] RP Event Manager Application

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[VailTheWolf] RP Event Manager Application

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BYOND Ckey: VailTheWolf
Character Name: Vakashi, Vail Seria
Discord Username (+user id): EMTesh Can't Code/VailTheAvali#4896
Reason for Application: I've been with the Citadel Community since February 18th, 2018. That's a pretty long time being a player. Recently as I've gotten more entwined into this community I've been giving back to it just as many others have before. I want to provide people an experience on the RP Server that will hopefully be rich in roleplay and gameplay both within reason.
Team Applying For: RP

1. When setting up an event for the server, what should be taken into account as your to-do list before announcing the event to the discord/server?
When I am setting up for an event, I would go by example with Enzo's last to-do list of planning the event. First would be the player vote to poll what kind of event people are in the mood for. From there I would move onto collaborating with the other Event Managers to plan the event, figure out its place in the story for the server, keeping due regard for lore friendly elements, and then executing the event as flexible as possible.

Possible contradictions to take into account before announcing the event publicly include: Server population, Size of the Event team, known issues/feedback from the playerbase, and the amount of time passed since the last major event.

2. What is expected of an Event Manager on Citadel Stations (Main and/or RP)?
Based on what I gathered it is expected of the Event Manager to purely take on that role to create and manage an event on the server. In the case of the RP server, roleplaying may and most likely will need to take priority over game and combat mechanics. This is not always true but the concern remains. An administrator would still have to take actions for administrative purposes, as this role is not meant to be an admin. The power that I would be taking on is easily abusable in the wrong hands. I would have to be responsible and show integrity in my position.

3. What would you call a fun addition to a current round if the players are wanting extra spice?
To me that is dependent on the players and what they are asking for. In example, the Exploration team prays for RNG manipulation or for a boss fight, the set up I would want to put into that would need to be quickly built. Something like a quick arena and then a health buffed SA of some kind.

On the flip side of that coin if the main crew on station (still RP code) is looking for fun, maybe they'll enjoy an art competition, competitive boxing, department laser tag, etc. This can be escalated to more severe event flags, again based on population and resources available to the crew. I myself have personally experience only two Blob fights on the RP code. Both went well even though it was purely PvE (to my knowledge.)

4. If an event you're hosting is going off the rails, or that the players are reacting to the event in a way that is steering away from your original plan and idea,
what would you do at that point for the event?

My thoughts on this question are different. I would want to keep the outcome of an event as flexible as possible. Like a DnD DM, myself and the Event team would need to stay quick on their feet and keep the event within reasonable boundaries, but continue to work with the flow if the players decide a different approach than intended to solve their problems. If the outcome is complying different than what we expected it to turn out of, we can only do our best to accept it and continue the story from there.

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Re: [VailTheWolf] RP Event Manager Application

Post by AvaricePleonexia »

No, I would rather not have you as an Event Manager. Simply put, you do not have the right mindset for this position. At all. This application does not have my support, but, thank you for being one of the first to apply.

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Re: [VailTheWolf] RP Event Manager Application

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Vail, I do have to agree with Avarice here, I have watched you for some time and observed your work as well on some things as well as actions and interactions on the discord and server. This is unfortunately a -1 from me, you do not have the right mindset for this position.

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Re: [VailTheWolf] RP Event Manager Application

Post by Silicons »

sorry while this isn't ""officially"" an admin role this is still staff and i agree with the above two posts on mindset.
we may or may not have temporary round-by-round basis editable ingame ranks that would allow people to run events if needed but i'd rather not have you in a permanent staff position at the current moment.


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