Bandric, Vox Whitelist.

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Bandric, Vox Whitelist.

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Discord name: Bandric#5513

Byond ckey: Bandric

Characters you currently play: Haki, Imperial

Job/Races you are applying for: Vox

Name of the character you intend to be using (makes it easier for us to recognize and log): Kikahakra

In the case of applying for a species, give us a brief summary of your character's backstory. This should give us an idea that you understand the lore of the species:

Generally 90% of my backgrounds I make for characters is just shit I come up at the time to help flesh them out or otherwise. But for the sake of this, I'll attempt to write something suitable for this.

And more realistically I'll just give footnotes; If you want a full written backstory. It'll take me a bit to get a 'good' story fleshed out. Or I could just meme up something that's in line with their race.

* Vox Primalis.
* Raider Medic.
*Fought for leadership, lost the fight for the big hat.
* Effectively raided a handful of times, with varied realistic results. (No Rambo moments, or 1 versus 40.)
* Raid went south, got caught, things went south with the Skipjack.
* Just a drifting derelict for a while.
* Que excessive shrieking, and finger pointing.
* Eventually NT.png.

Subnote: I intend to have this Vox have had 'some' exposure to being around the other races. Not overly friendly, but tolerable to all.

Summarize the species. As evidence that you've looked into it:

While not a lore nut, nor a fountain of knowledge I did do a few read overs of the Vox. Though the time if writing this is a few days after;

Vox as a race, are creatures born from slugs and cortical stacks; these which house not only the memory inside the stack, but also their physical traits. As such when implanted into a slug, they develop into that Vox. A more interesting means of resleeving if any.

They having tens of thousands of scales which can interlock - ensuring that a Vox could survive in the void space, have a dense skeletal system, and a rather strong immunity system. They're rather dense in terms of muscle, able to have bursts of energy and speed - though if through extensive strain, excessive to dangerous lactic acid.

Some have diddle sticks, or poke holes, or neither. It's hard to tell without asking the thing.

They lack a homeworld, and if they had one - it was lost to the ages/unfound.

Most if not all Vox hail from Arkships, great vessels which house ideal environments for their kin, filled with tall trees and other such. Some of the time Vox form raiding parties in order to acquire items of interest, be it tech, trade goods or otherwise. This is an effort to ensure the survival of the Arkships, and by extension themselves. These are more common in SolGov Space than any where else.

Due to the Vox Inviolate; which was spurred on due to a lengthily and costly war against the Unathi, this has caused those who caused this war to be loathed.

The Inviolate is as follows:
* Kill as little as necessary.
* Waste as little as necessary.
* Preserve the Arkships.
* Preserve materials.
* Adapt and expand to all circumstances.

Vox generally have a indifferent or negative outlook towards non-Vox spare Zorren, which they have a positive relation towards.

In the case of applying for Mime/Clown, what are you intending to do to make them distinct and enjoyable:
I am currently not attempting to apply for Mime or Clown so such this field does not apply.

What do you expect to happen if you use this race/job to violate any of the server rules?:

Honestly, I expect what I'd do if I did with any violation;
Warnings, Temp ban, ect.
I expect to have my whitelist removed entirely from this race as well if I end up becoming an issue.

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Re: Bandric, Vox Whitelist.

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Seems good to me, and from my memory of the vox lore everything seems in order. +1

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Re: Bandric, Vox Whitelist.

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Support granted. Now to forward this to a headmin for perm changes.

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Re: Bandric, Vox Whitelist.

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Turns out I wasn't logged in to the forums like I thought. Band DM'd me about this earlier. +1 from me.


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