Kek4ik's xenohybrid WL

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Kek4ik's xenohybrid WL

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Discord name:
Char in Disguise#0312
Byond ckey:

Characters you currently play:
Mh...Not really much, I was an assistant by the name Bruce Campton for some time, and...nothing else really.

Job/Races you are applying for:
(Extreme) Xenohybrid

Name of the character you intend to be using (makes it easier for us to recognise and log):

In the case of applying for a species, give us a brief summary of your character's backstory. This should give us an idea that you understand the lore of the species:
Zeta was born to artificially spliced with human genes, xenohybrid parents of runner and warrior castes, in NT labs. Raised with other cubs of naturally born xenomorphs, which were then turned into hybrids, and human offspring, having their genes spliced with xenomorph ones, Zeta developed strong bonds to other more human hybrids for a reason of easier verbal communication, while also having close relations to originally xenoic ones, due to easier communication with scents, hisses and body movements.

Lacking a tongue and having an inner jaw in that place, a xeno maw, chitionous mesoskeleton, a long tail, ribbed head and body, some thorns and horns on her head, looking overall like a xenomorph, Zeta has pretty much of human in her, having mostly feminine build of body and behaviour, always open to communication, be it /hardly/ verbal one, sign or body language, and is pretty calm and kind for her size and look.

She is also pretty smart, has basic education and is ready to work on non-precision jobs, like cargo technician, janitor, assistant, including research one. She has most of her viscious instincts removed, though has a tendency to often sniff, clack and make other sounds and movements to properly see living beings around, she is no longer dangerous, unless she is under intended attack, and is under surveillance due to her preivious incident, which brought severe damage to her carapace and put a tracking mode on.
( Do not know how to describe it, it concerns the flavor and overall behavior, if anyone of admins will ask, I will describe it in DMs?)
(If have any questions about in-game look or flavour, I will answer any)

Summarize the species. As evidence that you've looked into it:
Xenomorphs are vile, viscious and overall agressive, intending to kill anything organic and turn the suitable beings into hosts. Hivemind species, having a strict caste system, not domestic and not domesticable.
Hybrids are others, have various origins, be it xenomorph with other humanoids genes, or humanoid with xenomorph ones, they lack the hivemind, and are mostly safe to work with, excluding the hunting instincts and standart reproduction of xenomorph kind, often integrated into society, having their jobs, like every other normal human or alien, and share the mindset of normal, society integrated humanoid.

What do you expect to happen if you use this race/job to violate any of the server rules?:
Get WL removed and/or banned for grief or stuff (Nah, not stupid there)

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Re: Kek4ik's xenohybrid WL

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At this time I am marking this application as Denied. You don't seem to have a solid grasp of the RP Server's Xenohybrid lore, and no one has been able to vouch for you. On RP, Xenohybrids are called Neomorphs. Spend some more time on the server and establish a reputation, and study the Neomorph lore available here: ... _Neomorphs. Consult with some of the established players who have this whitelist already for tips, and feel free to try again in a month or two.

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