Slimanese Language.

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Slimanese Language.

Post by F1X »

Why can't slime people start off being able to communicate in slimanese like Lizards round start?

Lizards can speak their own language round start, why can't slimes? 

It's only fair.

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RE: Slimanese Language.

Post by RonnieOneal »

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Slimanese Language

Post by WarnerGom »

I have to agree with that... Many people are speaking in their home language, if there could be a statement asking for players to speak/type in English it would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Slimanese Language.

Post by Fractious »

Old code discussion from 1+ year old.

Will be closing this now since it didn't ended into anything.

If you do really want it to happen I suggest you make a PR or manage to get a PR to code and discuss with the maintainers about it.

Have a good one.
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