A rework of traits with respect to game-ruiningly flawed characters

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A rework of traits with respect to game-ruiningly flawed characters

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I used to play on Aurora so I'm used to snowflakes, but I think that Citadel has some of the worst characters in terms of how disabled some of these people are when it comes to some of the more crippling traits. This is more of a "i ded" sort of thread considering in the past week as Medical Doctor, and other roles really, I've had to deal with some of the worst traits that you can select and it's really just an unreasonable pain to deal with. Maybe because I put too much OOC into it but when I see someone with a brain tumor that needs fixing or reality dislocation syndrome, I do not see the difference between these people and those who beat themselves repeatedly with a toolbox; they're both self-inflicted on an OOC level.

I think traits like, depression, family heirloom, heavy sleeper, nearsighted, nyctophobia, light sensitivity, pacifist (as non-sec), poor aim (as non-sec), Prosopagnosia (as non-sec), prosthetic limb, paraplegic (as non-sec), and Unstable are fine traits and don't really need to be discussed and should be the bar when it comes to fine traits.

However I think traits that are annoying for others should be removed. Like I'm talking traits that make it so that you have to be given unreasonably special treatment to by other crew members if they want to deal with you. Traits like Social Anxiety is just annoying and kind of borders on the level of spam when people sutter. Acute blood deficiency means that medical is going to have to give you special treatment every time you take brute damage, even if it's just a 5u injection of saline that you normally wouldn't have. There are a lot of people who choose phobia or brain tumor just for the points and immediately get it removed by doctors on round start so it's really only an issue for medical doctors who have to spend the 3 minutes doing surgery, so it just feels like powergaming as opposed to having a character.

Mute and deaf are common and annoying. People who choose these traits don't actually act like mute or deaf people. It doesn't help that there is no sign language in the game to help them properly act like this people. Never in the history of Citadel has anyone chosen mute or deaf with the intentions of properly playing and living the experience as a mute or deaf person; it's almost always to gain points or look like a snowflake. I've run into plenty of problematic mute or deaf people who don't signal or tell you that they're mute or deaf because that's part of the snowflake value.

But yeah I think that the trait system should only have negative traits that only affect the person who has them and only them on a reasonable level. Traits that can be removed in-game should be tweaked so they can't be removed. Negative traits that make it harder for others to work with you, such as deaf or mute, should be honestly be limited to non-essential jobs (service, civilian).

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