[Plume of Smoke] : [RP] Event Manager Application

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[Plume of Smoke] : [RP] Event Manager Application

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BYOND Ckey: Plume of Smoke
Character Name: Antonio Hijnar, Ranjo Hij'nar, Namkah Hij'nar, Ar'rhan Tyn'jik (I play fuckin' cats, alright?)
Discord Username (+user id): Plume of Smoke#3097
Reason for Application: Got pointed here by a trialmin, and I figured hey, I got some good ideas and I wouldn't mind being able to actually play them out if others think it'll be a load of fun.
Team Applying For: (RP)

1. When setting up an event for the server, what should be taken into account as your to-do list before announcing the event to the discord/server?
I'd take into account first if what I can do is okay considering rules, and passing my ideas through administration. I'd then ask other event managers if they had similar ideas to ensure I'm not stealing their thunder in case they were really hyped to run an event like it, or hopefully work on it together. Then I'd test it to see if it's possible, get notes all typed out for the event so we're prepped prior to even starting it and have everything typed out to speed up the process of doing it. Then comes in thinking about who of the playerbase will be involved, is it a station wide affair, will only one department get the event, how can we make people not feel left out, etc. Finally, if appropriate for the round given past rounds and such is how I'd decide to deploy an event. Depending on the scale of said event, I may want to give a weeks notice ahead of time for it, and check with other mins and such that such events are not occurring during that time.

2. What is expected of an Event Manager on Citadel Stations (Main and/or RP)?
To add more to the server that random events cannot. We've had those boring rounds where we stare at each other in the bar, not saying a single word to one another, time and time again. I figure an event manager should be able to spice that shit up if the players want it! Adding in some tiny events for fun for little departments or adding charm to the station to make it feel more alive in the downtime I think would be great. But I imagine what's expected by the community is that we put out fun events which everyone can enjoy or at least observe if they so choose to.

3. What would you call a fun addition to a current round if the players are wanting extra spice?
Not even gonna lie, I didn't read this question before writing my prior statements. HOWEVER, what I'd call fun additions could be, stowaways for security, trading vessels docking with the ship for crew to buy shit from, anomalies for science that they can talk to or something. Maybe little tiny events like competitions or maybe company lotteries for money or stuff from central. If engineering wants some stuff to do I can have a vessel ask to dock for repairs and such, maybe trading supplies with them. I have A LOT of ideas, and quite frankly while writing this application I am getting giddy thinking of what the possibilities are.

4. If an event you're hosting is going off the rails, or that the players are reacting to the event in a way that is steering away from your original plan and idea, what would you do at that point for the event?
Seeing as I play tabletop DND and Battletech, this is literally all that ever happens. The truth is that there are tons of ways to go about this that can be fun for the players. One is just going with it and adapting to the changes, trying to do what you can to adjust with your event. This is usually what happens and is generally okay. Second, you guide them the right way with little nudges. Third, you can just quite literally design your event in such a way that you can just be hands off completely and let the players make what they will from the world or event you've set out for them. Overall I think improvisation is a good skill to have for events, planning is important for events going in as a way to gauge what can go wrong, and adjusting to what the players NEED can not be more important.

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Re: [Plume of Smoke] : [RP] Event Manager Application

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After the event you pulled last night, and the enthusiasm you've shown I think you'd make a perfect addition to the team. +1 from me!

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Re: [Plume of Smoke] : [RP] Event Manager Application

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Yeah, sure +1


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Re: [Plume of Smoke] : [RP] Event Manager Application

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You’re legit. You’ve got the big brain plays, and a calm attitude. All for this one. +1

After a recent event came to fruition, I've gotta say no to this one. My initial thoughts were misplaced. Not as calm a person as I once thought.

Sorry mate. It's a no from me.


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