List of Suggestions [Work in progress]

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List of Suggestions [Work in progress]

Post by Chimera »

So a few of my ideas are minor, some major, and some kind of "shit posty?" So instead of posting multiple times in various threads, I'm just going to make one huge one and continue to add onto it as more ideas come into my head:

[[Going to start off by saying that I love playing AI, but it needs some help? So just a few ideas to maybe help, and the reasoning behind them.]]

* AI should never be on the default/standard law set while non-shackled borgs are.

This is my biggest grip with AI play right now. When I look at it from a NT/Business Overlord standpoint it makes no sense to give the crew any fraction of control over the AI at all. If they have hiring practices of getting the cheapest labor, even labor that isn't fully trained why would you give those people authorization to command something that is more expensive to create/repair/maintain than even the Director's paycheck? This would also help encourage borgs to get themselves shackled to their AI if they want a different experience from the usual.

Mind you these are also the people that make:
- bonfires in the bar without permission
- blow up the engine
- telsa loose
- SM delam
- Training sessions when the engine is about to die.
- sex all the time
- unmanned posts for the previous reason (medbay prime example sometimes)
- excessive force on security
- orders to ignore crimes
- clown fiestas
- people jumping down disposal
- Blowing up xenobio
- corrupt command (in the past/current issues as well)
- etc.

But these are the same people that can tell the AI "No AI, you and your borgs are not allowed to set up engineering even though there's only 4% charge left because I want to train the trainee on how to set up the engine." Even though at this point the engine hasn't been set up correctly for almost three hours into the shift. Luckily for everyone on station that didn't know the situation, the admins put us on Corporate Law set for that round so we where able to go "no, bad, it's been three hours and this hasn't been set up yet. We're going to set it up before bad things happen." The worst part is that the trainee even understood that at that moment wasn't a great time to train and the engine just needed to actually be set up at that point.

But if we weren't on said law set it would be "Law 2 go away!" Of course we could say Law 4 applies because blowing up the station would result in the destruction of the AI, and Law 1 and 3 would lend to override as well. But it becomes an issue of then person that wants to state "Law 2 AI BORG BAD" also ahelps and gets told the same thing, which overall just wastes everyone's time that's involved, and then getting crap for the next week because you just want to do your job, get the stuff handled and move onto the next problem is a huge issue. Or "law 2 don't clean up the phoron leak because I'm OMW." Or the most rational thing would just let the borg/AI clean up the phoron leak because they are already there?

Also I've mentioned this many times in discord. It is a game, and everyone wants to play the game and have fun. But when you are actively told not to do your job because of people wishing to feel self important, or whatever it is, it gets dried out and old really fast. Plus as I mentioned earlier, there's no way I can wrap my head around barely qualified individuals being put in command over something that costs more than the money they will make in their entire lifetime.

The Corporate law set fits perfectly in what I believe the AI's primary goal should be:
minimize expenses from a barely competent crew & keep the station running/functional.

I say barely competent loosely as well, because there's a handful of people that are like...BAM on the ball, able to handle their job and even do other people's. They are always polite, respectful, kind, and considerate. They even RP with me, and it brings me great joy. Instead of going "Law 2 go away." Or "AI DOOR," or "AI HERE," or my all time favorite "WHO IS AI." Lol.

Also from a lore standpoint the borgs & AI can be actual people with an MMI input, so treating them like unfeeling machines is kinda, bad? Especially considering that you can volunteer to be an AI/borg and I would be confused as to why anyone would volunteer to be treated like a slave/gum on the bottom of anyone's shoe. Switching the AI & shackled borgs to Corp Law set wouldn't be bad. It would allow for more organic RP experience, instead of feeling like a semi intelligent door opener.

With the new law set the AI can actually calculate risk / reward and profit and net losses and make decisions from there and not be hounded by the constant "LAW 2" nonsense that constantly goes on. Especially when it has to deal with people not doing their jobs the entire round and then yelling at the synthetics when we come in to try to clean it up.

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