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Hello, I would just like to introduce my self, I've been playing Citadel station for a while now, well... For a bit of time, so I decided to make a forum account!  I don't talk in OOC Much as sometimes I find it pointless, but I guess now I will say hello and try to talk more. Feel free to say hello to me when ever you want I guess... Ah! Some things about me, people do that right? Sure... I used to play on LLA/LLS, Or Libertys Last Army.. Or stand, I can never quite remember, this may sound weird... But my favorite class is the AI, So it kinda saddens me that I can't play as the AI On Citadel.. Eh, here is an order from favorite to when ever I get bored..

Medical Doctor
Erm -Thinking Time...-
Medical Doctor
Chemist<-- Havent been a Chemist on Citadel yet, well kinda, I do virology stuff and chemistry stuff as a MD
Cargo Technician<-- Started playing it recently, it's alright, but empty and boring at times... (When you go play slither.io then it gets busy, gosh)

---I hate being security...---

Feel free to introduce yourself to me when ever you wish.. (ALSO HAVE NO IDEA IF THIS IS MENT TO GO HERE SO HERE GOES NOTHING!)

Add me on steam if you wish, my name is KingWalnut
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RE: Hello!

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Hey there, its always good to see folks introduce themselves to this crazy bundle we call a server.

Yeah some folks tend to avoid OOC if only due to the amounts of crazy that go on it but its not all bad, heck some folks love to gush about how they've only got so many days left for college and that sort.

As for the AI bit, just send in a whitelist application to wait for a little bit as it gets investigated and we'll see if we can't shoot you up to being everyone's favorite sentient box shaped doorknob. (I kid, we need more malf rounds to be honest ^_^)
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