[zl-H482]-Quality Control Ban

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Swandyk Gusnar
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[zl-H482]-Quality Control Ban

Post by Swandyk Gusnar »

BYOND account and character name:Swandyk Gusnar (i don't have ic on this server yet)

Banning admin:zl-H482

Ban type/duration (where you are banned from and for how long):Quality Control, Discord ban/Permanent ban

Ban reason:Suspicious act/behavior and grasp of english

Your side of the story:First of all; there's no denying for my action and what i have done, it's all stupid, dumbshit and moronic and i apologize for it. Secondly; i tried different servers but it doesn't really interest me as much as Citadel, Citadel is the only server that i felt i am in home and the only server that i can get actual friends and someone to talk to, i am sad, pathetic loser and i don't have anyone to talk to in real life. There i said it from the bottom of my hearts.

Why you think you should be unbanned:I swore i would not causing trouble in this server, no more deleting account or discord problem (the one who delete my discord was indeed my sister). Why you have to be so cold and rude? I am human too... I will wait until all of you change your minds even if it takes months and/or years.

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Re: [zl-H482]-Quality Control Ban

Post by zI-H482 »

You can't even be assed to use proper grammar when appealing a ban about your tenuous grasp of English. Furthermore, this is the third appeal you've made in three days over a permanent ban.

This appeal is obviously denied, and further appeals you make will simply be deleted without comment.

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