Space Sirens!

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Space Sirens!

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So, the discord chat recently came up with an idea for a new race/antag/ghostrole thing- Space Sirens!

Space sirens are half human, half space carp. Basically carp mermaids. They can move through space at will, like a space carp, but quickly begin to die in pressurized environments. 

Based on the sirens from Greek Mythology, who were women, generally mermaids, who sat on rocks in rough waters, singing songs to passing sailors and using their beauty and voice to tempt them into either running their ship aground trying to meet up with them, or simply diving into the waters in an attempt to meet the sirens, which did not end well for the sailors. 

Space sirens would function similarly, though of course the station cannot run aground, their goals would be to tempt unfortunate spessmen into the harsh vacuum of space, using their songs. And RP, hopefully.

However, in space, nobody can hear you sing. Space sirens, instead, would use the suitably sci-fi power of telepathy to communicate with eachother and their victims. Though mute, they could converse to single targets via telepathy, and they would have a spell to telepathically sing.

The siren's song would be their main weapon, a spell that, when used, broadcasts a beautiful song into the minds of everyone they can see at the start of the song. Anyone effected would be forced to move in a direction of the siren's choosing for the duration of the song, unable to move in any direction but the chosen one, and automatically moving in that direction, at the same rate as the Voice of God's moving commands. Mindshields might resist this.

Their goal, of course, would be to space as many spacemen as possible, without directly attacking them outside of self defence, and without damaging the station itself

Another way the siren might lure a victim into space is with RP. Promises of rewards and lewds could compel someone into space if they were gullible enough, but most spessmen are smart enough to know that space kills you. To combat this, the siren might have a spell to give single targets temporary space protection and oxygen breathing, but is removable at the siren's leisure. To lull the victim into a false sense of security before watching them be consumed by space. They might also have a spell to temporarily mute victims so they can't scream into comms that the siren is evil before they die.

To protect the sirens from metagaming, a kind of thing where experienced crewmembers will go "Oh, there's a siren, better not listen to it", their could be an identical ghost role, that, instead of trying to lure crew into space to kill them, instead lures them into space to gice them gifts or something of the sort. It would introduce an interesting dynamic- The evil sirens have to pretend to be nice, while the nice ones have to deal with the inherit suspicions of being evil. 

This is an ideas thread, free feel to build on the idea or offer criticism!

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RE: Space Sirens!

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give plz
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RE: Space Sirens!

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This actually sounds really rad.


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