[FreeStylaLT] RP Admin Application

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[FreeStylaLT] RP Admin Application

Post by FreeStylaLT »

BYOND ckey:FreeStylaLT
Character name:Hawke Boetirson | Lahabiel | Mikki Cemyaza | Gabriel | Pravuil | Sraosha | Chet Mitchells
Discord username (+user id):FreeStylaLT#5207
How long have you played on Citadel?:~10 months
How long have you played SS13?:~6 years
What is your timezone/general hours of activity?:GMT+2. Availability variable, due to varying shift times at my work.
Previous SS13 related admin experience:Paradise ~2015-Present
Previous non-SS13 related admin experience:N/A.
Current administrators who have agreed to support your application:Silicons
Reason for application:Referred by Silicons

1. How would you engage with two players having an out of character altercation?
This is working with the assumption it has either gone on for too long or has gotten too heated.
OOC chat: Tell them to stop, mute OOC if they persist after another warning or not, depends. Unmute it after a short while.
Discord: Round up whatever tangential mess of a discussion is happening with a conclusive statement or two. If it persists (it probably will), decide to either:
A) do nothing, and let it fizzle out as people get tired of being angry
B) contact the offenders in DMs to talk about the situation, both stopping them from discussing it in public chat to DM you back, and giving you valuable opinions / takes from different perspectives.

2. What should an admin do if they're involved in a situation that needs admin intervention?

Depends, but generally nothing. If you screwed up to the point you are getting an admin complaint posted, internally or publicly, you'll more or less have your fate decided for you and the best you can do is explain and / or apologise for your actions.

3. How should an admin determine in what way to punish someone who breaks the rules?

Using whatever punishment policy you probably internally have. If not, on a per-admin subjective gradient of intent, consequences of actions and attitude. A newbie engineer who delammed the SM and is genuinely regretful isn't deserving of a ban (again, depends on your policies), but a griefer is deserving of a permaban, in spite of the end-result being the same (a delammed SM).

4. Under what conditions should an admin de-admin themselves while playing?
You guys probably have policy on that. If not -- literally any. Staff are players too, and should be allowed to enjoy the game like anyone else. It's a malleable thought with its own reasonable exceptions / expectations, but fundamentally, an Admin shouldn't feel obligated to be an admin and bwoinkwatch. Having an ahelp relay on Discord or whereever else is extremely helpful for this, so they'd know when they have an actual non-passive reason to re-admin.

5. What is expected of an admin on Citadel?

To be more patient than the players, to be responsive to ahelps, to be responsive to complaints, to be able to speak for and explain the decisions of the headmins or maints, to be both understanding and reasonable and also strict and punishing, to be intrusive to the gameplay for the sake of fun, but also to give them space and not interfere with organic RP. To be able to respond and resolve a wrongful sentencing Sec matter in under ten minutes, but to also leave things to IC. To respond to faxes and prayers. Oh, and I guess uphold the rules sometimes.

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Re: [FreeStylaLT] RP Admin Application

Post by Auraknight »

I'm generally pretty fond of your outlook on things as a playing, though it's surprising to me that you joined roughly about when I did. looking back, the dwindling playtimes add up, but still- you gave an air of having been here longer. I suppose thats a good of an indication of a positive character as any, and I find nothing disagreeable with the questions, this gets my +1

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Re: [FreeStylaLT] RP Admin Application

Post by Silicons »

they have my vouch.
they have dealt with far more chaotic servers than this one and are one of the only people on rp i can say has just the right amount of ic/ooc detachment, and is not afraid to speak up if there's legitimate issues in need of discussion.
they also understand how to play both by the rules characters and characters borderlining the greytide line. some don't like the latter but i personally do not care because frankly i'm not sure what there is to be upset about regarding a little bit of non-metagrudgy conflict on a server in dire need of activity and something that isn't sitting around the bar in circles every round unending.
the shitposting in discord has annoyed people but i'm sure this won't be a massive problem, given that it is not malicious and mostly not too overbearing.

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Re: [FreeStylaLT] RP Admin Application

Post by Nik707 »

I feel like I may end up a minority here but. I gotta be honest, I'm really unsure on this one, leaning towards a no. You have somewhat of a history of jumping into arguments and fueling the fire so to speak. That and the constant softcore porn posting. If you can actually tone that stuff down it might be fine. I'm gonna go with a soft lean to -1 for now.

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Re: [FreeStylaLT] RP Admin Application

Post by Jaybirdnerd »

Hello Free,

Reading over your admin application, I can see several instances of things that don't seem to be fairly up to par. Before I state my judging for your adminship I feel the need to say several key important things about what you've posted as per your opinion on what exactly an admin does or is on this server.

Firstly, I have to state that such as with every argument we have, sitting down and ignoring it is not a good idea. It's generally a better plan to attempt to quell a full-scale argument rather than let it sit there and have nothing done about it. If the argument continues, you pull someone into a ticket. Not into DMs. That's also a no-no here as it's not something we have logs on or can keep track of. Tickets are the better option.

As well as the above, if the admin is involved in a situation that requires admin intervention either by their faults or by the call of the playerbase in an ahelp, it is a generally good idea to state your side of things when prompted and take a step back. It's not a good idea to look at it with defeatism mentality as that really only makes the situation worse for those involved. You do have a good idea here of what to do, I figure, however the way you've worded it seems to be taken at the mindset of defeatism which isn't a good idea if intent on taking things in stride or handling a situation with a clear head.

But, taking our minds off of the script you've given us to work with, lets talk about your behavior over the past few months and how most of this is questionable considering what we know about you from our experiences having socialized and handled situations involving you. Nicc raises a great point, but I would like to state further on beyond what he's simply left it at.

Based around how I've seen you act, how I've basically bore witness to you inciting and continuing arguments with no real intent on calming them or stepping back from them, I personally don't think what you've said here today is very honest and doesn't reflect your genuine intent. That's a very big statement to make, especially with no immediate proof, but I (along with several others) have seen you act out of alignment and do not feel this job would be very fitting for you considering past transgressions and current events that, again, I have seen you have hand in.

That's not even mentioning the topic of you posting softcore porn that Nicc has brought up prior. I'm not even going touch that topic as we all know what goes down in this server, that said, it isn't appreciated in the slightest to be posting softcore pornography into the non-NSFW channels. You have a NSFW role for a reason. Use it and your head to figure out where you should be posting your not safe for work images instead of in the primary public chat.

I've seen how you also handle yourself in-game, and while yes most of it is "IC actions", I've seen and had experiences with you that BORDER on things that should require punishable action but go under the radar because you were just toe-ing the line between what's acceptable and what isn't. I mention it NOW as a point to bring into light how I feel this does not reflect your admin application, just as you inciting and continuing arguments does not reflect what we all have read here today on your application.

Personally, I feel as if it would be a better call to take a step back, correct your behavior and return back to this. If over some time I see change, then maybe when you re-apply I'll consider you a candidate for this sort of rank. Maybe I'm in the minority as well with Nicc, but as it stands I have to turn my nose to this either way. I've seen too much from you to really consider you an active candidate for admin roles, and we do run a very tight ship here.

Verdict stands at a very very strong -1.

Improve your behavior long-term and then reapply. Until I see genuine change, I do not feel right in my heart letting you simply just HAVE an active admin rank at this server. We run a tight ship here, and we do not appreciate it when admins jump up and start fights or break the rules just because 'they can'; Even the admins have specific rules here, we're not subjected to lighter punishment just because we're admins and we're all held to a very high standard to uphold the community and be genuinely helpful where we can be. If admins jumped up and started fights at will, or even continued them, or posted genuine pornography in the general channels, or just in general broke rules where do you think we'd be with the community? Would that not earn us a poor reputation with them? We don't have a place for this sort of behavior. My suggestion is strong: Improve your behavior and reapply. Until then, I'm sorry but I do not feel comfortable letting you rest in the ranks that are supposed to be helping and working with the community to tackle problems.

Thank you for applying,


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Re: [FreeStylaLT] RP Admin Application

Post by Keekenox »

Honestly, he's a little bit of a goofball but the key here is that, at least in what I've been able to observe, he's not really as bad as a lot of people have characterized him as, and I've looked through most of the arguments on discord I think that people are referring to. Honestly I wouldn't mind seeing him as staff.

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Re: [FreeStylaLT] RP Admin Application

Post by Captain277 »

After an extensive review, I'm happy to provide this application with my +1 at last. I'm moving this thread to Approved.


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