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Re: [TheLordME] Maintainer

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re: this

the crux of the issue is we're a fragile, delicate snowflake of a community that's barely holding itself together at the current day
to be entirely blunt, we have a lot of drama, and a lot of things going wrong.

someone going off the rails who has write/maintainer authority is not exactly something good.
it goes beyond a single round ruined, a single person unfairly banned, and actually impacts the long term direction of our codebase
we also historically are very defensive of maintainer actions because it's not something you can be impeached from by popular demand because you're supposedly trusted to make the game better

so thus

the concerns of reliability is
- you tend to disappear randomly when things go wrong. i understand the discord is stressful (trust me i've dealt with it for time eternity)
- even if you didn't, i would very much like maintainers to be level headed in (almost) all situations. we all have our moments, but frankly the server's administration as a whole doesn't really have the best track record in the ss13 community and i'd rather anyone getting maintainer is able to keep calm and move on when needed. this sounds unfair if you think about it from the "why should i be held to far better expectations than everyone else" but as someone who is here doing things and wasn't in control of the cards that were dealt, i personally have vested interest in keeping our path clear of past mistakes.

no we're not afraid you'd delete the repo, i personally would trust you not to install a trojan on the server.
we're afraid that you being put on the team would result in more powder in the keg.

if you can move through this, you already have all my support codewise, as yeah, you do know what you're doing nowadays better than even some historical/older maintainers.

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Re: [TheLordME] Maintainer

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Re: [TheLordME] Maintainer

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Since my initial judgement, I've come back around on this application. I know you're more than competent as a coder, and we could certainly use more maintainers to help ease the burden on RP. I'm willing to change my vote on this to a +1 after reading the above response. I feel like my concerns have been addressed well enough.

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Re: [TheLordME] Maintainer

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+1, as an EM no idea if what I say adds anything but seriously, you're active and a coder. You seem to have good intentions and care about the server and actually seem keen on doing more for it. It sucks it takes for rolling new staff in because I know that it results in drain and a loss of passion. Here's hoping you've still got a flame in you bud.


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