[Monara] RP Event Manager Application

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[Monara] RP Event Manager Application

Post by Monara »

BYOND Ckey: Monara
Character Name: Mordrid Ryenne
Discord Username: Monara#8886
Reason for Application: I wanna make this new/existing lore feel more present with actual IC gameplay, and we could use some spice in these sleepy highpop rounds.
Team Applying For: RP Event Managers

1. When setting up an event for the server, what should be taken into account as your to-do list before announcing the event to the discord/server?
  • Make sure staff and other event managers know of/approve of the event.
  • Make sure I have enough free time to see the event through till the end of the round.
  • Run through the event's "Plan A" as well as any pre-planned responses to players taking things in another direction.
  • Check the date/check current manifest to see if the event is likely to have at least the minimum amount of players/roles for the planned event.
  • If ghost roles are slotted already, run through the goals/lore of those roles with the players filling said roles, as well as any other specifics to the character/faction that shouldn't have to be left to improvisation.

2. What is expected of an Event Manager on Citadel Stations (Main and/or RP)?
  • 1. Fair, memorable events for players with the crew's enjoyment being the priority.
  • 2. To not interfere with staff, or their duties.
  • 3. Working smoothly with established lore during events, and reaching out to lore maintainers when in the planning phase of something that goes into unestablished territory.
  • 4. Being a part of the staff team requires a degree of professionalism both in and outside of managed events.

3. What would you call a fun addition to a current round if the players are wanting extra spice?

A low chaos example; A group of potential investors/high ranking CC personnel are on a tour of the facility and are lightly escorted by security/command through the various departments. They're given the task to inquire on how things are run, gauge the value/funding of certain departments, and other similar paper pushing/departmental funding things. The crew would be expected to accommodate them, and show that the funding for their department is adequate. Crew might talk back or act out of line at the most, but it should hopefully stay relatively uninterruptive. This should provide a simple, relatively low-stress event for all departments to have the opportunity to take part in. Overall I think doing an event during an already ongoing round can be delicate, but with a bit of planning and solid actors it can work out without feeling too forced.

4. If an event you're hosting is going off the rails, or that the players are reacting to the event in a way that is steering away from your original plan and idea,
what would you do at that point for the event?

Players responding to an event however they want should be the goal for events, in my opinion. It's important to have a plan, but if players are going to have a good time taking things in an unexpected way it should be allowed, long as it's not extremely disruptive to others. Players should see consequences where it would make sense, but forcing structure and trying to punish players just for taking a different approach than an event manager expected is poor conduct in general. It depends on the event, really. Outside of improvisation to work around the crew's decisions there's nothing that should need to be done unless again, it's intentionally disruptive to gameplay as a whole. At that point administration can step in as needed/requested.

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Re: [Monara] RP Event Manager Application

Post by Hjorthorn »

I know RP comes before all else with you, so I trust you to make good calls on events. +1

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Re: [Monara] RP Event Manager Application

Post by Sakuya »

You've always presented really high quality RP. I don't see any issues with this. +1

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Re: [Monara] RP Event Manager Application

Post by PlumeOfSmoke »

I generally support most EMs, but I know your RP quality is generally higher than anyone around so this is an easy +1. I hope to see some cool story based events from you.

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