[keronshb] Citadel SS14 Maintainer Application

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[keronshb] Citadel SS14 Maintainer Application

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Experience with Github:

I've been using GitHub since 2019 now and I'm a bit of a GitBash fiend. I bounce between GitBash/Rider/GitKraken for dealing with Git tasks and I've worked with cursed webedits once or twice.

Experience with BYOND:

I had experience in BYOND/Dream Maker for a few years when I was contributing to Citadel Main but I'm applying for SS14 maintainer.

Experience with C#:

After working on upstream SS14 for awhile I've gained considerable knowledge of C#. I've used C# for most projects or coding challenges like LeetCode.

Experience with SS13:


That aside, I've played it on and off since creation. Most recently has been CitMain, CitRP, Goon, and TGMC.

Experience with SS14:

Honestly I don't play much of upstream except during the big stress tests. I do try to hop on every now and then but I've coded more for it than played it. Unless you count playtesting cause I've done a looooooot of that.

Experience on Citadel?(Main/RP):

I joined up in 2019 and have been a regular member of Main since then and I'm also the main community manager. I'm probably the last driving force behind pushing for the Halloween and Winter balls each year. Once in awhile I do hop onto RP.

Why do you feel like you'd make a good maintainer?:

I've done my share of code reviews on the SS14 discord + repo, and I'm more than willing to help people with their programming/IDE/Git issues. Working on upstream SS14 as a senior contributor gave me a good understanding of the coding flow. I've always wanted to see Citadel succeed as a server and it's one of the reasons why I became community manager, so being a maintainer for the SS14 side is just another way I can help do that. For what it's worth I'm also good at maintaining a consistent standard of code and keeping that prescient set.

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Re: [keronshb] Citadel SS14 Maintainer Application

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very sus user

+1 (also affirming their senior contrib status on SS14)

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Re: [keronshb] Citadel SS14 Maintainer Application

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I've been watching you grow as a coder during my time lurking SS14, and my stance here is a solid "hell yeah", no hesitation. You're quite possibly the fastest I've seen someone learn programming from literally no prior experience. And given your more recent activity over at SS14, I can say with confidence that you won't disappoint as a maintainer here. You also have a fairly sound mind when it comes to your sense of game balance, which is a definite plus.

+1, without question on my part.

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Re: [keronshb] Citadel SS14 Maintainer Application

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Moving this to approved.


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