Lt. Mr.Doge Adherent Whitelist Application

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Lt. Mr.Doge Adherent Whitelist Application

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Discord name: Mr.Doge#1386

Byond ckey: LT. Mr.Doge

Characters you currently play: Shiro Hevict, (P.S I have not played in a few years due to IRL issues)

Job/Races you are applying for: Adherent

Name of the character you intend to be using (makes it easier for us to recognize and log): Soul

In the case of applying for a species, give us a brief summary of your character's backstory. This should give us an idea that you understand the lore of the species: Soul remembers what their people call The Scream, The Scream as its known only to their people, the Scream from what Humanity is capable of Discerning was a Solar flare that decimated their planet killing their creators. Soul is a 6'5 by 3m Adherent, about 25 Double Fisted masses of Silicon Crystal Tendrils hang beneath it as it floats around with a Purple beret with a white star upon what can only be assumed is the top of its Shell, The beret appears to be a Science beret, Soul's shell is a soft purple shell Soul doesn't communicate much and only when Soul does is when mostly it is important, Soul mostly makes soft tones and chimes when acknowledged or spoken to. Soul's story is about the same as most of Soul's fellow adherent beings, Soul was found on the planet of Virgo Prime by Station personnel that were stationed there. found Soul floating around in the fields near the station, Soul approached the Humans that came to greet Soul, a small conversation was held between Soul and the Humans stationed there after a few moments Soul accompanied the Humans into their station Soul looked around at all the oddities and gadgets with curiosity as to what they do and their Purpose, Soul was brought to medical were the Medical staff said that their Scanners are unsure as to what Soul is and suggest taking Soul to Robotics to have it looked at to see if they knew anything about the creature, They escorted Soul down to Robotics located at the main station atrium, after a few moments they let Soul into Robotics, the adherent looks around scanning everything with pure interest at all of the tools and gadgets around it this makes the Roboticists happy to see that its taking interest in their field of work, after a few moments they Cannot determine Soul's origin or species either that is when The Roboticists take Soul as one of the science team and teach Soul everything they know about Robotics, after three years, the Station is now set to be abandoned and Soul accompanies the Crew on their adventures amongst the Stars.

Summarize the species. As evidence that you've looked into it: Adherent are a Species of a mixture between Organics and Synths and were originally created as Servants to their creators called the Vigil, there was a Solar Flare that happened in their Home system that they call The Scream, which wiped out their Creators and scattered Adherent for over hundreds of years, The Solar Flare also wiped out all of the records of their creators and scrambled many sensor systems and minds, which left any and all surviving Adherent Disoriented for Hundreds of years. Adherent's Behaviors are completely polite and try their best to not draw too much attention to themselves, they are completely devoted to their duties and or tasks given to them and find Joy in Fulfilling their Purpose However are completely unable to Change because of their Traditions or laws Adherents are also not Organics or Machines and bathe in Mineral Pools to heal sustained Injuries.

What do you expect to happen if you use this race/job to violate any of the server rules?: I expect immediate Removal of this Race.

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