Race/Job application template

Required thread title: [YOUR CKEY] What you are applying for
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Race/Job application template

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Required thread title: [YOUR CKEY] What you are applying for

Use the following template

Discord name: Name#0000

Byond ckey: UristMcGrey

Characters you currently play:

Job/Races you are applying for: e.g. Vox

Name of the character you intend to be using (makes it easier for us to recognise and log): e.g. Tichikarita, a Vox.

In the case of applying for a species, give us a brief summary of your character's backstory. This should give us an idea that you understand the lore of the species:

Summarize the species. As evidence that you've looked into it:

In the case of applying for Mime/Clown, what are you intending to do to make them distinct and enjoyable:

What do you expect to happen if you use this race/job to violate any of the server rules?:

Addendum's and notes about what's to be expected when playing these races/jobs:
Short answer..... don't try to use lore reasons to perform antagonistic actions. Read up on your own species lore, that's on you. Some deviation is allowed of course. Heck I anticipate one of two people will want a race for features relevant to their own concept but the lore irrelevant. Albeit that may be under scrutiny.

Failure to play responsibly while playing a whitelisted character will have said whitelist permissions revoked.

Long answer...

These are hard denied. They will not be whitelisted, they are currently a buggy, unfinished mess with no lore to go with them. Alongside this, their innate ventcrawling has too high of a capability to enable less than ideal gameplay to entrust to the general playerbase.
EDIT: Hey guess what upstream fixed all the glaring issues with proteans so now they're open to be whitelisted. There's still a few bugs and grievances but not harsh enough to deny them from whitelisting.

Wip, to come in more detail. Might not even need additional clarification. Short answer being to not use the Vox's innate stun resistance to harass security or be frowned upon. N'or to use the lore tendencies as an excuse to steal and hoard everything lest you be labelled as powergaming.

Expect to be under high scrutiny if you are playing this race as per their typical characterisation.  It was hard to convince myself to even permit these for whitelisting in the first place due to their lore basically labelling them as already an antag.
Do not play them in an antagonistic fashio and call it "an IC reason". You will be treated as any other race performing antagonistic actions and dealt with accordingly.

No additional information necessary. Diona are rather straightfoward. Vox may want to eat you however.

You aren't a real Xenomorph. You're a hybridised creature whos mind is based off of the species that was gene spliced with a xeno. Don't try to use the race as a ticket to cause trouble.

As to be expected, naming conventions are out the window for these two jobs except for being named after real people or characters.
However, as universally known as these two jobs are across servers for being prone to being a dick. That will not fly here.
You are hired to work here as an entertainer, not to be an asshole. It is not for your amusement, but for the joy of your crowd.
Slipping the CD and strapping him naked to a chair is not an example of good entertainment.
To put it bluntly. If your entertainment comes at someone elses expense, expect to be smacked for it.

Currently we use Paradise Station lore for these guys. They breathe phoron, combust in an oxygen rich atmosphere, and are required to wear their own special suits for the safety of themselves, as well as fellow crew. Obviously, removing your suit on purpose is heavily disallowed, as per our 'sane and reasonable characters' rule and generally doing any of the 'plasmaman memes' is probably gonna cause you to lose your whitelist. Be smart with these guys.
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