[Crystal9156] RP Admin Application

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[Crystal9156] RP Admin Application

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BYOND ckey: Crystal9156
Character name: Mishky Deeda, Uelissa Nole, Sehran, Sammy Sehran, Setseki Sehran, Verbena, Eleonora Knell, Io Nexescree, Brush
Discord username (+user id): CrystalNole#3291
How long have you played on Citadel?: I don't even know, since it was a thing basically, playing on and off for many years.
How long have you played SS13?: I've been playing SS13 since 2013, started back on OG Baystation, Hypatia, old roleplay stations. Just been schmooving between them for as long as I can remember.
What is your timezone/general hours of activity?: 5:30 PM EST - 12:00 EST M-F, All day Sun/Sat
Previous SS13 related admin experience: Staffed for a couple dead servers, as well as Skyrat before it became too big, and currently a member of staff at Vesta of Orion.
Previous non-SS13 related admin experience: Hosted Terraria roleplay servers for a couple years back when I was younger, then staffed on some G-mod servers before realizing G-Mod is bad. Moved on to staffing on a minecraft server or two.
Current administrators who have agreed to support your application: Silicons, Enzo Leon
Reason for application: Silicons literally bullied me into making it, I'm shaking and crying right now guys. On a more serious note it's because I've been asked to make one and thought about it for a bit before deciding I would like to help the servers and the people on it as I'm a huge sap and care for the people I have and do meet on Cit Rp.

Please answer the following questions to the best of your abilities:

1. How would you engage with two players having an out of character altercation?
I'd first attempt to de-escalate it back into a discussion if I could, and if not I'd likely give them a warning or two to calm down and suggest they take their issues either to ahelps if it's something that an admin could help to work as a third party, or have them open a forum post player complaint if they're unable to work out their differences without making a scene on whichever medium they're currently doing it whether it's the server or discord.

2. What should an admin do if they're involved in a situation that needs admin intervention?
An admin that's involved in a situation needing admin help should ahelp like they're a normal player to explain their part in the situation and if no other admins are online, should make an effort to contact another to help with the situation as they shouldn't be handling the ticket or situation about/including them on their own.

3. How should an admin determine in what way to punish someone who breaks the rules?
An admin should use multiple factors to determine the way to deal with someone who has broken the rules. They should take them into account including but no limited too, player age, note history, previous interactions with staff and or other players, general conduct on the server, what rule they broke, how bad they broke it. All these factors determine how long or short someone should be banned for and must be weighed properly when figuring out the right punishment or lack thereof. For example someone who accidentally blows themselves up while attempting to make a research bomb for toxins wouldn't net anywhere near as harsh a sentence as someone who rushed toxins to make maxcaps for "self defense". However things such as how the person responded in ahelps would play a factor, such as if the person who accidentally blew themselves up was being vitrolic and generally unhelpful as to answering what happened would likely net themselves a harsher punishment than if they had just simply explained it was a mistake and were apologetic about it.

4. Under what conditions should an admin de-admin themselves while playing?
An admin should de-admin themselves if they're in a round, especially if they're an important role like officer, head of staff, or a silicon. Ideally they would do so with more staff online so there would be coverage for them to be able to play. Admins who are antags are double so meant to deadmin themselves so they do not intentionally or otherwise use knowledge they would learn even passively, like looc, ahelps, checking player panels, or anything like that.

5. What is expected of an admin on Citadel?
To be able to concisely deal with the chaos that happens on a daily basis without losing themselves in it, a level head and calm demeanor to interact with the playerbase and other admins in a way that leaves everyone feeling if not satisfied, at least mildly content with how things turned out. I know this is ideal thinking, but it's what I feel one should be like. Admins are also expected to deal with the people who join just to have fun at others expense, or are attempting to "win the game", in between their regular interactions with others.

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Re: [Crystal9156] RP Admin Application

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Have seen them on multiple servers and have never seen any issues at all with them. They're great to interact with and always bring fun RP situations to players.


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Re: [Crystal9156] RP Admin Application

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These are very good answers, and your experience with other servers is a plus, so it's a yes from me.


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Re: [Crystal9156] RP Admin Application

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Promise we won't stickyban you here lol


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Re: [Crystal9156] RP Admin Application

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+1 good player from what i recall


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