Salem - Diona Whitelist

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Salem - Diona Whitelist

Post by SalemiPizza »

Discord name: Salem#4261

Byond ckey: Blooberri

Characters you currently play: Rosa Ewing, Nora Koramos

Job/Races you are applying for: Diona

Name of the character you intend to be using (makes it easier for us to recognise and log): Shimmer of Moonlight

In the case of applying for a species, give us a brief summary of your character's backstory. This should give us an idea that you understand the lore of the species: Seeds of the dionae race spread across the galaxy in the decades following the discovery of the plant-like creatures. Many years ago, a loyal Nanotrasen captain donated his blood to be injected into one of these seeds, to document of the creature that grew from it. The creature, stunned by the beauty of space, eventually named itself "The shimmer of starlight sparkling through the depths of space." After some admittedly long negotiations, the stubborn being allowed itself to be called Shimmer of Moonlight or simply Shimmer. Shimmer grew amongst Nanotrasen for the decades it lived, learning to love (at least the best it could) the company that raised it. This upbringing, combined with the loyalist nature already imbued into the diona's very being, led to Shimmer forming a deep, protective bond with anybody that worked alongside it. With its transfer to the NSV Truimph,the bond has extended to the entire crew, much to the annoyance of any that valued their personal space. Tree hugs were, and will be, abundant.

Summarize the species. As evidence that you've looked into it: The dionea are "plant like" beings that are not actually plants, nor are they a single being. The nymphs eventually grow to form a collective consciousness that molds into a single, sentient being. These single beings, simply referred to as adults, are intelligent, but slow acting. Dionae can not actually emote, but are adept at emulating it, leading to an eventual "emotional" being once it has learned enough. They are adapt at learning languages from consuming genetic material, usually from the nymphs taking a blood droplet from an unwilling subject. This absorption of knowledge has lead to the dionea forming close relations with most sentient races that they have had extended contact with, to the point of joining with machinery or even forming ships.

What do you expect to happen if you use this race/job to violate any of the server rules?: At the very least, i'd expect a removal from the whitelist, maybe a temporary one. however, if i messed up severely, i'd expect to be permanently banned from the whitelist, or even the server if i were to go to far.

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Re: Salem - Diona Whitelist

Post by Captain277 »

This sounds fun. Ship needs more Dionea and you clearly understand the race. +1

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