Giving Heads of Staff secret objectives

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Giving Heads of Staff secret objectives

Post by Cross »

Letting heads of staff be antags, is a topic for quite a lot of debate right now. I am personally against it, as I believe it is a bad solution to the problem of heads being monoliths of trust. Incompetence aside, there is never a reason to doubt the intentions or trustworthiness of a head of staff, as outside of Cult rounds, they are always and permanently on the side of the station as a whole.

I believe a better and more interesting solution to this trust issue is to give the heads of staff a chance to have ulterior motives, secret objectives issued by Central Command directing them to satisfy specific conditions that will often run counter to the goals of other heads of staff, and even their own subordinates. These objectives should never be downright murderous or otherwise EoC equivalent, but they may well be criminal or encourage criminal behaviour. I will provide examples of secret objective examples I can think of for each head of staff. These are by no means set ins tone or anywhere close to perfect, just ideas:

  • Make sure Cargo has more firearms than Security has.
  • Have over 100,000 credits in the cargo accounts at the end of the shift.
  • Sell three or more head of staff or Captain hardsuits.
  • Have a supermatter, tesla or singularity engine active inside Cargo.
  • Sell three or more mechs.
  • Make sure Hydroponics has no beekeeping equipment.
  • Secede the great nation of Cargonia from the Captain's control.
  • Spend at least 30,000 credits on pizza.
Head of Security
  • Ensure all enemies of the corporation are turned into Cyborgs
  • Make sure all lethal weapons are in the armoury at the end of the shift.
  • Ensure that all heads of staff are mindshielded.
  • Send a minimum of three prisoners to the work camp.
  • Arrest [Random head of staff] and keep them jailed for at least ten minutes.
  • Ensure all weapon technology is researched by the shift's end.
  • Acquire a Toxins bomb for the armoury. Make sure no other assembled bombs exist on the station.
  • Purge the station of graffiti.
Chief Engineer
  • Fully power the station without using a Supermatter Engine.
  • Disable over half of the station's cameras.
  • Ensure nobody outside of the Engineering staff get their hands on Jaws of Life or Power Drills.
  • Keep [Random room] without power for at least half the shift.
  • Have a fully functioning cloning system in Engineering
  • Destroy all Rapid Construction Devices on the station,
Chief Medical Officer
  • Have crew on the station infected with a virus with at least two negative symptoms
  • Remove the tails of at least 4 crew members
  • Acquire a fully loaded rapid syringe gun
  • Permanently impede [Random head of staff]'s ability to speak
  • Treat a minimum of ten cases of brain damage
  • Finish the shift without using Cryonic healing
  • [Random head of staff] must not be cloned
  • Steal Ian
Research Director
  • Ensure no toxins bombs are detonated.
  • Steal Ian and Runtime
  • Do not allow Cargo to sell any mechs
  • Stop Security from getting advanced weapons technology
  • Reconfigure the AI to the [Random non-harmful Lawset] lawset
  • Ensure at least 8 crew are turned into cyborgs
  • Make sure no cloner is upgraded to allow autoprocessing
  • Spend a minimum of 100,000 units of diamond and/or bluespace crystals in the science protolathes and exosuit fabricators
  • Give sentience at least 6 simple creatures
  • Build a H.O.N.K.
Head of Personnel
  • Get the Captain fired or demoted and become acting Captain. The Captain must survive.
  • Extend the access of five or fewer IDs
  • File a minimum of 20 documents
  • Ensure Cargo completes five or fewer bounties
  • Make sure at least three crew members from different departments are demoted.
  • Ensure only Heads of Staff get their hands on EVA storage space suits.
  • Have six clowns and/or mimes on station at one time
  • Keep the number of Cargo Techs/Medical Doctors/Security officers/Scientists/Station Engineers at or below 2 the entire shift.
  • Ensure the civilian department is the biggest at the end of the shift. Assistants do not count.
  • Have four times more assistants than security personnel on station
  • Steal Runtime

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Re: Giving Heads of Staff secret objectives

Post by ForrestWick »

Well considering we removed head cultists roundstart, that's even less potential for fun. I think this would be fucking great, though

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Re: Giving Heads of Staff secret objectives

Post by GrayRachnid »

Half of these seem to be impossible to track code-wise, though I love the concept.

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