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Re: Security: Roundstart Nonlethal Ballistics

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Pepperballs are slated to be merged, but without the on-hit weakening. The reason is weaken is basically equivalent to a hard stun, and adding that strong of a stackable ballistic stun is a no-no. Agony damage is fine, blindness, I don't know, I'd rather have it confuse first @Honor 'Cheng' Onarina and then blind on repeated hits or something.

VVTs will be reconsidered at a later date and likely used for something inside either security or science, as in its sprites/sounds/assets/the item. There's just not enough of a need when stun revolvers and normal taser guns already exist.

This does not mean that .45s are necessarily staying. I do want to get rid of roundstart ballistics because the cons outweigh the pros and I personally think Nanotrasen should be using energy weapons first and ballistics when it's actually needed, rather than having people default to the dangerous weapon when a safer option exists by default.
This isn't just about the Vox/nonconductivity stuff either. I can't care less if a species is harder to stun by security. Security doesn't need to always win. Sure, hard blow to security players but that's how it is and how I consider design: Security isn't meant to be 100% effective against nonantags with their tasers. Major Non conductive as a trait is powergamey and frankly traits annoy me for being too minmaxy for the game but hey, that stuff and redesigning that stuff coms later. But even before it's redesigned, I don't care enough about "security can't stun certain things with just electrical stuns" to keep ballistics in.
Hybrid tasers: Uhhh they're probably coming soon, although I still do not want security to have 100% effective stuns on nearly everything but stuff like merc hardsuits so expect disabler mode or whatever to be less effective than stun mode.
Reasoning's varied but yeah, that's the gist of it. Also, I'm looking to SoP rework that if someone can't be effectively and safely stunned security would be allowed to use more dangerous/lethal force to not kill, but down them or make them less resilient to stuns.
So tl;dr: Pepperballs are being added.
VVTs will not be replacing roundstart vendor/non armory .45s at this time.
Non armory roundstart ballistics for general security use are going to be phased out and put in the armory soon(tm). The reason I'm not doing it now is because it'd be too hardhitting to do it without some kind of compensation.
Have a secure day.

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