[kevinz000] CruxTalonis- Main and RP

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[kevinz000] CruxTalonis- Main and RP

Post by ArgonianVampirey »

BYOND account and character name: CruxTalonis, most recent character is Zova, most remembered in Stalks-The-Lockboxes

Banning admin: kevinz000

Ban type/duration (where you are banned from and for how long): from both and and on RP says its a safety ban, and discord

Ban reason: Ban evading

Your side of the story: Regarding the last appeal, i did not try evading after the ban! I made the ArgonianVampirey account before i was banned, and was just moving some characters of mine over to that account.

Why i should be unbanned: Because i did not ban evade after the ban, and you sited stuff that happened on virgo in the last thread, when virgo is a totally different server and not connected to citadel. And how iv been on the server for 2 years and been fine and good player is a vouch that i changed from back in the day! I am a very good player these days.

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Re: [kevinz000] CruxTalonis- Main and RP

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You're aware that we don't ban accounts, we ban players, right?


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