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[Main]Role Ban(all heads)

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BYOND Name: Dr Ramen
Reason Banned: Every single time I've seen you as a head of staff you've been jerking around, literally or metaphorically, and not doing your job. This is the last straw. Spent at least 10 minutes just fucking around with a cum gun alone in their office as captain on extremepop, not seeming to give a lot of cares about the station. The level of constant incompetence and otherwise only using head roles to muck about has passed a line.
Admin who banned: Kevinz000
Length Banned: Perma
Appeal Reason: now I admit that I have been a big dummy but I do wish to make up my big shit tide as a head and I honestly think I can do better than all-out shit tide and I do know I was given multiple warning about this and I kept doing it but I do wish to make this right and actually be a good head of staff who is actually competent.

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Re: [Main]Role Ban(all heads)

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