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Donation Tiers

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For most people who know, server hosting isn't free. It costs money to provide a service which others are getting free. If you enjoy the server and play on it frequently, it would be greatly helpful for donations. As a reward for people helping out the server, you can hit certain milestones below. This keeps the server running and shows the gratitude of you doing so.

   Tier 1 (5 USD)
  • Donation tag in Discord
   Tier 2 (10 USD)
  • Donation tag in Discord
  • Any cosmetic item in-game.(Must not give any advantage.)
   Tier 3 (25 USD)
  • Donation tag in Discord
  • Custom personalized item only you have access to.(Must not give any advantage.)[/b]
Keep in mind, these are  DONATIONS. While we will do everything we can to get your items/characters in play, this doesn't not mean you are entitled to anything. If you break the rules and get banned, it is your own fault. These are simply a digital form to show appreciation, not a means to do whatever you please simply because you donated.


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