[RP] Xenohybrid Lore Expansion

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[RP] Xenohybrid Lore Expansion

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Xenomorph Hybrid is a broadly applied term that is used to describe anything that is in some way shape or form related to a xenomorph.
This classification is used to give doctors a general idea on how to treat injuries and which medication might be more or less effective.
But as with many things it isnt always that simple. The broad term of xenomorph hybrid can be taken apart into two major groups:
  • Neomorphs
  • Lab grown
Neomorphs are directly related to the original hive that evolved out of the hivemind and began to form individuals.
Lab grown either directly created in a lab, or created by "indivualising" a xenomorph.

Both variants are hard to destinguish, both visually and physically, their size, chitin color, body shape, limbs, organs, etc. are identical within common genetical margins.

In regards to personallity and behaviour there can be more obvious differences between neomorphs and Lab grown hybrids.
Neomorphs tend to be more eager to stand out and willing to experiment with body moddifications,
while lab grown hybrids tend to be less concerned with their own appearance and more of their behaviour as an individual.
How ever these behaviours are no guaranteed give away.
These differences usually dampen over the years, becoming less obvious the older the individual becomes.

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Re: [RP] Xenohybrid Lore Expansion

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+1. I'll try to incorporate it into the Xenohybrid page in a bit.

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