Keisani Minor Race Lore

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Keisani Minor Race Lore

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Thought I'd expand on my lore for the Keisani to provide a framework for more alien synth characters and an actual backstory that can be used for precursor artifacts.
Pretty rough, but if people like it enough I can polish it and provide even more details. Let me know what you think.

The Keisani are an extinct race of ancient humanoids that once inhabited the Dioscuri system, secluded on the frontier of galactic civilization. Originating from the arid world of Keisa of which they take their name, the nuclear ruins of Keisani civilization was discovered in 2554.
They are best known for the intricate and utilitarian marble designs of their artifacts, some of which still rival the high-end products of modern megacorporations. Among their artifacts however, none are more prized than their designs incorporating their advanced molecular nanotechnology. Shimmering orange and black masses, Keisan nanites are used for anything from art pieces to replicating endless stores of starship missiles. Although almost impossible to instruct without Keisani equipment, they lack in-built regulations and functioning kill-switches that modern nanites are required to have.
The KN-Mass trade is loosely controlled by independent scavengers and pirate warlords. Legitimate possession is unheard of outside of archeologists and wealthy collectors, due to the lengthy process required to acquire a permit.
Other than their artifacts, Keisani ruins are also inhabited by the husks of their synthetic servants that range from automated turret guns to supercomputers the size of capital ships.
Ahiram Intelligence Constructs are difficult to restore and functioning shells discovered in the ruins of the Dioscuri system are often confused and hostile to visitors. There exists a documented case of an AIC working in modern society, but any other survivors, if any, aren't known to the public.

Not much is known about Keisan biology, though skeletal remains indicate an eerie similarity to lithe humans, averaging about half an inch taller than them.
Historical sources claim that they also had elongated ears that tapered to a point as an adaption to the heat and predatory fauna of their homeworld.
AICs on the other hand do not use positronic technology, instead they use bulky "cores" that are physically plugged into the machine they are designed to enhance. The personality and non-essential memory is kept in the core, but knowledge, data, and functions are a part of the exterior subsystems.
Shells used by AICs vary, but their cores can be made compatible with standard galactic synthetic platforms, AI cores, or subsumed by Keisan nanites to form a sapient nanomachine swarm.

In 2554, the ISV Flying Comet came across a desertified planet with evidence of prior habitation. After a short survey of the ruined metropolises, the Comet returned with a report of a dead civilization, and the Dioscuri system was marked as nothing more than a desolate wasteland, until down on their luck scavengers decided to search the ruins for anything useful.
Still functioning weapons, fauna, and deadly security drones in the better-preserved parts of Keisa threw off the prior assertion that the planet was completely worthless, and the wastelands are now often visited by prospectors looking to make their fortune discovering an undiscovered ancient relic.
The Keisani themselves were once based around competing clans or "Houses" that would fight each other for claim over resources. Several wars are evident within the Dioscuri system, not the least of which the one that wiped out Keisan civilization.
Among these houses, the most well-known past the collapse is House Ahiram who held a monopoly on the construction of advanced robotics and the sought after Keisan nanites.
Another is House Aziru, known for constructing the best coilguns and conventional armaments one could find among the ruins of Dioscuri.

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