Ban Appeal Format & Instructions <-- READ THIS BEFORE POSTING

Please post any appeals regarding bans, notes, or other forms of punishment in this section.
Thread title required format: "[MAIN/RP/DISCORD/FORUM/OTHER] - [Admin's Ckey] - Duration (if ban) : Short/Summary Reason"
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Ban Appeal Format & Instructions <-- READ THIS BEFORE POSTING

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Ban appeal forum guidelines:

1. Remain calm and concise with your posts.
2. Use the #player-bulletin-board on Discord to announce ban appeals you make to notify staff (optional). If you haven't had responses for a few days, feel free to inquire about it in #staff-forums about it.
3. Use the template. Failure to make a best faith effort to do so may result in your appeal being closed or administration refusing to answer until you fix it.
4. Notes may only be appealed if they are factually incorrect or missing important information/context, worded in a biased or confusing way, or if you wish the appeal the decision if it is a note made to record a warning levied against you. They are not for the note being too old. Notes are there to keep track of player history and will never be removed unless for the reasons above.

Please use the following format to appeal any bans, notes, or warnings you may have received.

Thread title: "[banning admin username] your username- where you're banned from and flufftext if space allows"
[glitchycore] kevinz000 - main server ban for power gaming
[avaricepleonexia] hatterhat - rp server ban for greytiding
[girdo] fractious - main permaban for not admitting to being a catgirl
[lummoxjr] uristmcspaceman - Honking in dorms
[jesus] exadv1 - being a furry

BYOND account/character name should be substituted out for your forum username or discord tag for forum or discord ban appeals.
Ban reason refers to the reason you are shown when you are denied access to the server, not a paraphrased version of it.

Post contents:
BYOND account and character name:

Banning admin:

Ban type/duration (where you are banned from and for how long):

Ban reason:

Your side of the story:

Why you think you should be unbanned:
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