[Buffalowing] Drakkus - Main server ban for griefing

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[Buffalowing] Drakkus - Main server ban for griefing

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BYOND account and character name: Drakkus / Lennox Lars

Banning admin: Buffalowing

Ban type/duration (where you are banned from and for how long): Main - Perma

Ban reason: Low effort plasmaflood griefing. Dragged frosty from gateway into the station to grief as well. QC ban.

Your side of the story: Went through the gateway as it was wide open. I started walking around in the main structure trying to see what it was until I saw a snowman nearby a critted player. Walked near it and it started attacking me so I ran back to the station.

Near round-end me and another Botanist started throwing plants filled with plasma inside Botany. Once the shuttle departed we opened the windoor leading into the kitchen as well as the airlocks following out into the hallway.

Why you think you should be unbanned: I had absolutely no clue what frosty even was, nor did I know it could go through the gate. Once it started attacking I ran straight back to the station, keep in mind I did not drag it along with me back there. Once I got through the gate I stayed for a few seconds to see if it followed, and when nothing came through I went back to botany. Sometime passed with not much going on until the shuttle docked, which is when me and another botanist closed all entrances and started throwing the plants filled with plasma. We did this until the shuttle departed, which we then started to open the doors to the kitchen and primary hallway. No effort was made to ignite it on our part as we intended to do it once the round was officially over, but were banned before the shift actually ended.

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Re: [Buffalowing] Drakkus - Main server ban for griefing

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i really wish you wouldn't lie in your appeal. you kited frosty around to people to murder them, and you were actively trying to destroy our bussed in fans to plasmaflood the crew before they left, as well as ignite the plasma as a last resort when you realized we were keeping your round-long project contained, and without our admin intervention would've been successful in ruining several people's rounds.i recommend re-reading our chemistry guide on the wiki after i unban you in a minute here

obligatory don't do this stuff again, we'll be watching


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