[BuffaloWing] Bapldap Main Note Appeal

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[BuffaloWing] Bapldap Main Note Appeal

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BYOND account and character name: Bapldap

Admin: Buffalowing

Ban type/duration (where you are banned from and for how long): It's a note

Ban reason: I went onto station and killed people as a lavaland elite

Your side of the story: I won the miner battle (the miner was a changeling) as a legionnare (that's a lavaland elite antagonist), I went south (there was nothing else to do) and found the gulag then mining station. there was some guy that I tried to kill who went onto a shuttle and brought it up to the station. I continued to do my role in killing people, I was not supposed to be friendly to the station. Later, the admin (BuffaloWing) gibbed me for killing people and gave me a note.

Why you think you should be unnoted: I want this note removed. The admin in question handled this in the worst way possible, instead of sending an ERT and having that be that they decided it would be better to gib me and supply me with a note for doing my role. They seem to expect me to stay on my tumor after I kill the miner like an oblivion NPC, who will say "Halt!" and kill whoever walks by. (Nobody will walk by btw.) It is the miner's responsibility for failing to kill me (they should have been able to, they were a changeling.) and releasing me from the arena and into the game. I should be rewarded for doing my goal (Killing the miner) by being able to play the game further instead of sit at my tumor or lavaland doing nothing because only 3 people go there per round. The note is just completely unnecessary, thank you for reading.
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Re: [BuffaloWing] Bapldap Main Note Appeal

Post by Ludox »

This is bullshit blazing

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Re: [BuffaloWing] Bapldap Main Note Appeal

Post by buffalowing »

yeah we've discussed this in discord and this is sort of where we're at

this sort of thing has been handled on previously established precedent alone, meaning prior admin rulings. this, pending being added to the rules to better define the expectations of lavaland roles and what they can/cannot do on the station to maintain everyone's overall fun. while we have explicitly stated murderboning is not okay in the rules, and you should always consider your potential impact on the round before doing something like that, we realize this is still not very clearly defined in writing just yet

that said, i'll be removing the note as we'll be fleshing out the role of lavaland elites in the rules in the near future so there won't be any further confusion as to what it is you can/cannot do. this will likely include changing the funny code text that varies per mob, as they are wildly inconsistent in wording with one another


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