[DigitalSquirrel95] - Chara_Zero: Main Server Perma pAI ban for murdering crew.

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[DigitalSquirrel95] - Chara_Zero: Main Server Perma pAI ban for murdering crew.

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BYOND ckey: Chara_Zero

Character: C.H.A.R.A.

Banning Admin: DigitalSquirrel95

Ban type / duration: 3 day main server ban, permanent role ban for pAI

Ban reason:
2020-07-01 01:20:50 | CitadelStation | DigitalSquirrel95
Banned from pAI - As pAI, was given a circuit to inject boiling oil by another player. Used this circuit to murder the Research Director over being put in the trash, and then did so again only minutes later because they feared being turned off. Three day server ban and permanent pAI ban applied.

My side of the story:
For context, my directives at the time were nonexistent, I had no master. PAI have no crewsimov. I'm sorry in advance if this is long.

Wandering the station, I was snatched up by Teak, who laughed maniacally as they hauled me off and stuffed me into a medbot. They then informed me i had a button to murder people (no idea what was in it, btw), to which I responded with hesitant joy, as I'm normally very passive and unrobust anyway. Teak then drags me off to show off his latest creation to "Razz" the RD. Razz wordlessly tossed me in the bin, where I had to scramble off the belt because it was set to go to the scrapper.

Upon being freed via pda message to Teak, I went back to the RD, where I was going to RP at them my plans for murder, which very well could have ended in my disarmament. But I was thrown into the disposals again for "Hi Razz, remember me?", which ended with me being freed by teak one more time from the scrapper.

At this point I decided to use the injector, only to find it had no beaker installed. I then evaded the RD while they busted my medbot open and picked me up. I thought I was doing it wrong, and was spamming different clicks. Teak then says " oh wait, now its full." While we were all standing together, and I hit alt click again, resulting in an oily death for them and my medbot, being in Razz's hands. They were immediately dragged off to be cloned, and I had no bwoink for the...idk, 5, 10 min? Waiting on their return. During which I realized I could still splash oil, and decided "one more time, then ill stop, haha funny eye for an eye memes".

The second they got back to the office, I hit them again, just as I was bwoinked. Within seconds of the second attack. Everyone saw this, saved the RD, smashed my pai, and ghosted me while I answered the ticket, albeit a little silly and smart alecky. "Why'd you kill em?" "Revenge!" And admittedly a little jaded once they held their ground on the role ban.

Why should I be unbanned?

I honestly made a rare mistake in judgement of rule 1, in retrospect. One could argue improper escalation, sure. I'll eat that. I had hesitation to even hit them the first time but i gave in to temptation. That makes me a dumbass.

I don't want the server ban lifted, hell, I'd accept it being lengthened. I just don't want to lose the pAI role. The majority of my hours are spent on it. It's a huge part of my character and my interactions with the playerbase. Without it I'm just autistically fixing broken tiles and mining all day, because hogging AI is rude.

Regardless of your decision I'd like to apologize for not humbling myself with the initial bwoink, and for causing Razz duress, even if neither of you accept it. In the future I'll make even greater strides not to robust people, and A-help more often. My philosophy is usually not to perma somebody outta the round, even if they have to die. I get that person to a cloner or roboticist. I have a good reputation on this server as a fun pAImain and synth player with very few fuckups.
Please don't take that from me...Please? You can do what you want; it's your server...but I like this little part of it.

Im also really sorry this is long, but better to be thorough.

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Re: [DigitalSquirrel95] - Chara_Zero: Main Server Perma pAI ban for murdering crew.

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I'll reduce it to a week. If this issue somehow ever repeats itself, the next one will stay permanent.


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