MrJWhit - Von Carstein Syndicate Jobban

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MrJWhit - Von Carstein Syndicate Jobban

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BYOND account and character name:Von Carstein - Random Boring Ninja Name

Banning admin: MrJWhit

Ban type/duration (where you are banned from and for how long): 3 Days, 4320 Minutes.

Ban reason: As an NT Aligned ninja with the objectives "Increase Productivity However You Can.", Proceded t o break into the HoS's office via ninja sword emags, stole the ID of an atmos tech stopping them from stealing power, stole the ID of the HoP who was defending against a (valid) killing in security, and emaged every cyborg they could find before anything started to the syndicate. This was too far, three day antag ban.

Your side of the story:
Alright so as you can probably guess I spawned in as Ninja with the following objectives,
Objective #1: Slay Xekov Drake, the Assistant. You may let it live, if they come back from death.
Objective #2: Steal 25 refined uranium bars.
Objective #3: Increase productivity however you can.
Objective #4: Download 29 research nodes.
Objective #5: Stay alive until the end.
Pretty lame objectives and even worse I spawned on Nanotrasen's side so I can't just stab security to death, but regardless I go out of my way to accomplish them.

I float around the station for a bit and enter at engineering, activate my suit and turn on invisibility and walk up the maintenance hallway until I run into an idle borg who seemingly doesn't notice me because I am invisible. So first thing that comes to mind is, A I am not crew, B I am trying to kill crew, C Cyborgs are annoying to people who want to harm crew and even more annoying try to kill me since I am non-crew if I do something harmful to crew, which I am required to do so as my first objective.

So I decide that, 'Hey I should convert that borg since then I will have one useful minion and I won't have to kill them later for trying to stop me, plus I get to let someone be an antagonist too, so win, win.'

So I dash back into Technical Storage grab one crowbar and dash back to try and emag the cyborg and successfully get away with it, the only issue being that this cyborg was entirely idle before and after I do so, so I come to the realization upon examining the cyborg that they aren't connect to the game.

"Oh haha, I emagged someone who isn't here, how quirky, whoops."

And I move on with my game since their not there, going around to pop into security to say hello, and the promptly pull out the laser guns and start shooting at me instantly, not a big surprise, that's just how security is sometimes, I left security because I didn't feel like trying to fight two people with batons in melee.

Run around the station some more, end up in science and steal myself a bag of holding to put my jetpack into and complete my steal research node objective, and put some uranium in the my bag too to complete that objective as well, then I go to medical to steal a medkit when I run into another cyborg and promptly pull the same thing I did before.

Now forgive me for assuming it would work but I ran into ANOTHER Silicon that was not connected/afk and I had just subverted them so, I run off leaving them behind again as people who aren't here aren't worth my time and I should be doing other stuff, I happen to run into Xekov at this exact same moment of time and start trying to stunglove/stab him but he gets up and quickly runs to security, I chase and am throwing shurikens at him from behind whilst he runs to security.

He gets to security and the two officers in the brig see me throwing shuriken at him so they promptly respond as all security do when they see someone trying to murder crew and begin fighting me too, I ditch the fight again because 3v1 doesn't sounds fun for me, trail around into security maintence and emag my way into the sec backroom and head of securities office, from which I retrieve the HoS's multiphase energy gun and stylish cloak for myself for extra style points.
Now, Von Carstein, you're objectives are to increase productivity why are you stealing the HoS's cool gun?
Well lets look at that objective again, I'm suppose to increase productivity, however you want to define that, I am of the opinion that the multiphase gun that nobody was using what so ever would not effect productivity if I took it for myself, after all there was no head of security so I'm not effecting anyone's productivity by taking it to help me with my other objectives which are Stay Alive and Kill Xekov

Plus at this point Security had already gotten itself armed with everything under the sun and I felt rather underwhelming in comparison to them in terms of ranged firepower, plus I'm not that good with Shurkin's so I'd rather have the gun then try to use the quirky throwing stars.

I'd like to stress that I didn't just bumrush the multiphase and only went after it after ending up fighting +3 plus people in the brig with nothing but my usual ninja gear.

So I loop back to the brig with my newly stolen firearm and begin blasting security and Xekov with disablers in an attempt to down them, they respond in kind just with lasers and energy crossbows instead.
Von Carstein, I know for a fact you could have just robusted them without powergaming the HoS's energy gun, stop lying
Okay see that would work on 99 percent of security on Citadel however Kate and Amira are actually smart and didn't split up what so ever so I was constantly fighting both of them at the same time and since they had guns and the greatest weapon known to spaceman the stunbaton, I felt it was fair to take one to try and disabler them.

So we go back and fourth a couple times, myself firing disablers down random hallways and dashing away when they get too close, this ends up involving the head of personnel who randomly walked by into my fight with security and Xekov who has now been armed and armoured by them to help fight me, they try to telebaton me, I dash away, keep shooting with disablers, again and again, run away to recharge the multiphase and keep doing that for awhile.

I then run into the Head Of Personnel outside of their office where, surprise surprise that first cyborgt I emagged earlier hasn't moved one inch and is still in the same spot, I get into another fight my suit runs out of power while I am fighting the HoP they end up telebatoning me three times and almost steal my sword a couple times but I eventually decide to dash away to avoid getting killed with my own katana.

Teleport into engineering's SMES room to recharge my suit, Atmospheric Technician is there to try and stunprod me, after a short dance of who can click the other one first, I stunhand them with my ninja gloves and cablecuffed them. I take their ID so I can open maintenance/engineering doors instead of having to dash around them as recompensation for them trying to robust me and then swirlie them in the bathroom and run away.

Another round of trying to shoot at Xekov whilst he is protected by security occurs and I run back to engineering to recharge at the SMES again, this time however I run into the HoP in the engineering maintence tunnel and they again try to telebaton me, mind you the HoP so far has been the most dangerous person to me as they are the only person who has been capable of hitting me so far, so I stunglove them and take their all access ID and run off with it, loop back around to security maintence again to go for another round of trying to win a 3v1 when Jwhit asks me for when I got a minute.

So I dash off into some dark corner to answer his PM's as I have no idea what he is messaging me over and apparently I'm beating people up too hard and converting the cyborgs to the syndicate lawset via emagging and stealing ID's is a big no as an NT ninja with an objective to increase productivity.

So we get to the main argument of what do you consider productive/helping you accomplish your objectives/interacting objectives
Making them kill crewmembers to defend you is not productive.
I didn't order them to kill people infact I gave them absolutely zero orders because both of them were afk at the time of conversion and even when I walked back across them they, quite literally, had not moved an inch. The same first cyborg from before simply stood there during my fight with the head of personnel still having not moved from the original place from when I emagged them despite the fact they were subverted.

Now lets consider this, I have an objective to stay alive and having the borgs kill people trying to kill me does sound pretty useful to that objective?
But Von Carstein, that goes directly against your other objective productivity!
So they are conflicting motives? Big whoop, I thought it would be more interesting and fun to emag them, I would have gotten two players to do something more interesting then sit around around and wait for harm, if either of them had been active or literally moved at all I would have clued them in on my objective and given them proper orders but quite literally both of them stood around afk so I went about my business without them. Again, they quite literally did nothing of note that shift and therefor didn't effect productivity at all.
Von Carstein, that's only because the server crashed while you were talking to Justin!
Yeah, well, again if they had given any indication that they were actually there instead of wordless silence and not even moving one tile I would have clued them in on helping me with my objectives.

And I will continue my angry rant with the following do we actually consider people sitting around doing nothing productive? I don't know about you but I would pull a card from the Corporate Lawset for Silicons for the subverted cyborgs by just ordering them to do that since they were required to listen to me.

Why you think you should be unbanned:
Quite literally I have been jobanned from antagonists for converting two players, who didn't end up doing absolutely anything so I find it somewhat ridiculous?

Its not as if I was going around murdering everyone, or chain detonating all the cyborgs for existing and being an issue for me in the future, or even killing security, I quite literally harmed my target and accidentally harmed an officer while trying to hit my target, and stole some ID's from people trying to kill me, not me going out of my way to randomly get all access just because but someone went after me to specifically robust me and I beat them up and took their ID as an after thought, if I had truely just been stealing ID's just to steal ID's I would just gone and beaten up the Captain for his ID.

As far as I can see this is just a big 'WHAT IF THOSE BORGS KILLED THE CREW'' which they didn't, so I see no issue.
Von Carstein, chill out you wrote this whole angry rant bro its only 3 days you don't even have antagonists on why do you even care about an antag ban you barely even play as them?
Grumble grumble generic admin man bad comment here.

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Re: MrJWhit - Von Carstein Syndicate Jobban

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Moving to declined because this expired on its own.


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